Pallet Trucks

EP12-N01 1.2T Electric Basic Power Pallet

EP12 is the entry model for the electric pallet trucks designed from the ground up to provide industry-leading tight turning radius for faster, easier pin wheeling, more work cycles and better bottom-line productivity.

1200 kg Lift Capacity
650 Watt Drive Motor
3 Working hours on 2.5H charge

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EP15-N01 1.5T Electric Basic Power Pallet

The EP15-N01 pallet truck is the Baoli solution for all low- and medium-intensity transport situations. It is the ideal solution to speed up transport and shipping operations, even and specifically inside trucks.

1500 kg Lift Capacity
2x 85 Amp Hour 12V Battery

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EP16-N01 1.6T Electric Standard Power Pallet

The EP16-N01 pallet trucks are ideal for loading and unloading from vehicles and for any type of medium-intensity handling.

1600 kg Lift Capacity
350 Ah Battery

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