KBET18 1.8T Electric Forklift

Lift Capacity (Kg)
Turning Radius (MM)
Mast Stages

The 3-wheels electric lift trucks of the KBET series are the perfect synthesis between productivity, performance and economy of use.

Available with a load capacity of 1800kg. Thanks to the twin-motor front axle and the high-quality transmission, they provide excellent handling guaranteeing reduced steering angles and reduced wear of the front tyres. Equipped with maintenance-free oil bath disc brakes, the KBET series lift trucks guarantee stopping efficiency and precision; they are also equipped with automatic electric braking when the accelerator is released, thanks to which part of the braking energy is recovered and returned to the battery in the form of electrical energy.

Top class electronic components have been used. The traction and lifting motors are manufactured by the Italian SME, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality motors. Also manufactured by SME is the electronic controller, the “heart” of the lift truck, which accurately controls every lift truck function and provides the high performance this series is capable of.

All the KBET lift trucks are equipped standard with a curve speed reduction system and the main driving functions can be parametrized. The driver can directly choose between the various performance levels via the display, for example, selecting a reduced performance profile for more delicate handling and a more aggressive profile for yard handling.

The lift trucks of this series guarantee excellent visibility in all driving directions. They are moreover equipped with a low driver’s seat providing extremely high comfort to drivers that for operating requirements are forced to frequently get off and on the lift truck.

Technology and comfort

  • Power supply voltage: 48 Volt
  • Technology developed by Baoli using KION Group technologies
  • Electronics made in Italy: AC technology for both traction and lifting
  • Steering sensor and automatic curve speed reduction
  • Regenerative braking
  • Possibility of defining various lift truck performance levels on the display
  • Standard load backrest


  • Excellent visibility in all driving directions
  • Extremely robust driver’s cabin providing excellent visibility
  • Electronic driving direction selector
  • Digital display with indication of all the main lift truck functions


  • Easy access to all the components